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Yellow Thistle


L. Meeks

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    L. Meeks
Native Growing Area

Scientific Name: Cirsium horridulum

Common Names: Yellow Thistle


In the Sunflower family (Asteraceae) Native to the U.S.A.

Thick, single stem branches near top. Flowers are found solitary or a few at tip of stem. Leaves alternate, lobed and toothed ending in rigid spines.

Bloom Color(s): red, green, yellow, white, pink, purple

Bloom Width: 2 - 3 in.

Bloom Height: 2 - 3 in.

Foliage Color(s): Green, Dark Green, Gray-Green

Plant Width: 3 - 5 ft.

Plant Height: 1 - 6 ft.

Duration: Annual,Biennial

Bloom Period: May to August

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Growth Habit: Forb/herb