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Texas Pricklypear


Gary Regner

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Scientific Name: Opuntia lindheimeri

Common Names: Texas Prickly Pear, Prickly Pear


Of the many Prickly Pear Cacti in Texas, the "Texas Prickly Pear" probably has the prettiest flower blossoms.

The Texas pricklypear may be erect or can also grow in a spreading manner. The pads of the cacti are green or blue/green, and are round or oblong shaped and about four to ten inches long. The spines are yellow, which distinguishes the Texas prickly from other varieties. However, occasionally there are no spines. The flowers usually are lumped or grouped together along the pad of a cactus.

The petal colors vary from masses of yellow to orange flowers, and often an entire range of colors appears on one plant. The fruit is purple when mature and a true prickly pear.

Bloom Color(s): red, green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, violet

Bloom Width: 2 - 5 in.

Foliage Color(s): Dark Green

Plant Width: 3 - 6 ft.

Plant Height: 5 ft.

Duration: Perennial

Bloom Period: May to June

Plant Family: Cactaceae

Growth Habit: Shrub

Sightings: Shady Hollow West Nature Preserve

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