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Texas Rock Rose


Native Growing Area

Scientific Name: Pavonia lasiopetala

Common Names: Texas Swampmallow, Texas Rock Rose


A central Texas native that prefers shallow soil over limestone in dry woodlands of Central or West Texas. Leaves are heart shaped and coarsely toothed or wavy margins with dark green upper surface and lighter lower surface. Rose pink miniature hibiscus-like blooms open in the morning and close up by early afternoon in the heat.

Bloom Color(s): yellow, pink

Bloom Width: 1.5 in.

Plant Width: 3 ft.

Plant Height: to 4 ft.

Duration: Perennial

Leaf Retention: deciduous

Bloom Period: April to November

Plant Family: Malvaceae

Growth Habit: Subshrub,Shrub

Sightings: Shady Hollow West Nature Preserve , Shady Hollow West Nature Preserve