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John K



Small white 5-petalled fringed bloom with long pink filaments topped by darker pink anthers. Throat is yellow. Blossom was photographed on October 29, 2014. It appears to occur commonly.

Plant is a ground-creeper that grows in areas of partial sunlight and sandy soil (photo taken at Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park, Mission, TX).

Area is arid (22" rain/year) and is part of the original flood plain of the Rio Grande river (prior to construction of major dams built upriver in 1959).

Appears to be a ground cover morning glory species (family Convulvulaceae, genus Ipomoea?).

Location: Mission, TX, US

Plant Size: 12" x 2"

Bloom Size: 1/2" x 1"

Bloom Color: white

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Identified as: Berlandier's Trumpets

Berlandier's Trumpets - Acleisanthes obtusa

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