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Lori S



This plant is growing in my fields about 4-8 inches high. It blooms a single flower and grows a little taller to bloom another, and so on. There appear to only be 3 true petals. One large petal wraps around the top 180 degrees of the flower and two smaller ones (each take up a bottom 90 degree corner). The stem is somewhat hairy and prickly. The leaf veins are branched and leaves are deeply serrated. The flower is about 3/8 inch wide and solid yellow, though as they die and dry they gain a little reddish to them.

Location: Weatherford, TX, US

Plant Size: 3-6 inches x 4-8 inches

Bloom Size: 3/8 inch x 3/8 inch

Bloom Color: yellow

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Identified as: Cutleaf Evening Primrose

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