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Vera S



Wildflower growing in flower bed (zone 9) . Bloom mid July to late fall. Clusters of pale lavender to purple flowers that remind me of a miniature thistle from the side. Thought it might be a Veronia but the flower cups never open up like pictures I found. Flowers send up a few very delicate white hairlike petals(?) when mature then the center turns reddish or reddish brown. Leaves have a soft feel, are not in pairs, have serrated edges. Grew to a couple of feet first year, 4 ft second year and this year about 6 feet. Had seedlings this year. Grayish seed heads that are wispy/fuzzy.

Location: Alvin, TX, US

Plant Size: 2-3 ft x 72 in

Bloom Size: about 1/8 in x about 3/16 in

Bloom Color: purple

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Identified as: Coastal Plain Joe Pye Weed

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Identified as: Camphor Pluchea

Are the leaves fragrant also? Some books call it an annual but mine are perennial. Came up on its own in my garden thanks to the floating seed heads. Various pollinators love the nectar.

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