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Ellie Buehrer
Ellie Buehrer
Blacksburg, VA US
Crossroads Comments Sighted On
Grand Teton National Park, WY

2020-07-22     Grand Teton National Park, WY
Colorado blue columbine

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Unidentified Plant Identified As Notes
Plant Detail Garden snapdragon

Plant Detail Stinknet

Plant Detail Spiked Crested Coralroot

Plant Detail Queen Anne's Lace

Plant Detail Lantana

Common lantana

Plant Detail Prairie Pleatleaf

Plant Detail Copper Globemallow

Plant Detail american hophornbeam

Plant Detail Carolina Desert Thorn

Plant Detail Stiff Greenthread

Unidentified Plant Identified As Agreed Identification Notes
196 Swanflower Yes

Aristolochia erecta. It is in the pipevine family.

104 Paper Mulberry Yes

242 Berlandier's Trumpets Yes

The bloom looks like a Berlandier's Trumpet or Acleisanthes obtusa. The leaves are a bit wilted looking so it's difficult to identify.

253 american hophornbeam Yes

Ostrya virginiana